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Meth Contamination - Property Testing

Meth Residue Detection
Meth Residue Detection

Meth Contamination of Properties

Methamphetamine or 'P' use is increasing and disturbingly, it is estimated that the Police find only 5 to 10 per cent of the total operating Meth Labs. Typically, 75 per cent of the Meth Labs have been located in rental properties and the issue of chemical contamination is a growing issue for the property owners. Decontaminating a house could in advance of $5000 or in severe cases it may require demolition of the property. No property type is safe from use as a manufacturing facility, whether they be hotel rooms, apartments and vehicles. The portability of meth labs mean that they easily moved and contaminate multiple properties. It’s important to know that Meth contamination is NOT typically covered by insurance and will leave the homeowner out of pocket.

Meth Residue Detection

Using the Drȁger Drugs Test 5000, DRUGCHECK performs on-site composite indicative tests which provide immediate results as to the detection of drug residues in the property. Samples are taken from surfaces in the property by a trained technician using a Drȁger swab kit and analysed for the presence of six types of drug residue. A positive test is reported when the limits listed below are exceeded.

Amphetamine (AMP) - 50 ng/ml
Benzodiazepines (BZD) - 15 ng/ml
Cannabis (CAN) - 10 ng/ml
Cocaine (COC) - 20 ng/ml
Methamphetamine (MET) - 35 ng/ml, or
Opioids (OPI) - 20 ng/ml

However, it is important to note that there are limitations to any form of meth testing;
- The composite test uses one swab (kit) to sample multiple areas; this provides an average level of contamination over the areas sampled. Typically, contamination will be concentrated in the area where drugs have been “used” or “manufactured” however, determining the exact level and location of contamination can only be done through detailed laboratory testing. It is not possible to sample every surface in a property using this indicative test.
- The presence of drugs may be masked if the surfaces tested have been recently cleaned, papered or repainted and there may be no residue to provide a positive reading. Although we endevour to sample surfaces that have not been redecorated, we recommend you check what cleaning, painting and/or renovating has been done recently.

A drugs residue test is only one of the criteria you should use when assessing the suitability and risks associated with a property. As well as the standard advice provided by the likes of HOBANZ (Home Owners & Buyers Association of New Zealand) and the Department of Building and Housing, DRUGCHECK recommends talking with the neighbours as they often have a sense for what has gone on in a property

Potential Property Buyer

Buying a house is the biggest investment you will make in your life. Don’t take the chance that the purchase of your dreams is in fact a Drug Contaminated nightmare. Gain that peace of mind before you commit to the purchase by using DRUGCHECK's Property Testing Service; it’s affordable, easy and provides results is less than an hour.

Contact us today to book your ticket to a clean home.

Rental Property Owners

If you own investment properties and not sure if illicit drugs have been used or manufactured in them, then DRUGCHECH can help. Did you know that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that their properties are safe living environments for their tenants? Our comprehensive detection program can detect six different drug residues.
Regular testing by DRUGCHECK's highly trained teams will ensure that your properties do not end up as negative equity investment.

Talk to us today about how we can help YOU.

Property Managers

Are you a Property Manager looking for an edge? Need to re-assure your clients that their properties are clean and their investments are safe?
By introducing a regular DRUGCHECK testing regime you can significantly reduce the risk of your client’s properties becoming contaminated with meth or other dangerous drug residues.

Call us for an obligation free consultation, there are a number of ways in which we can work with you to provide the best drug testing solution.

Property Inspections

More and more potential buyers want their potential dream home to be perfect when they move in; sadly there has been a rise in reported cases where these dreams have become a Meth contamination nightmare!
If you are looking to add Meth Contamination testing to your inspection report, then DRUGCHECK can provide a reliable service with a quick turn-around time.

Contact us; we have several drug testing options that will put your Property Inspection Service ahead of your competitors'.