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Drug Detection Dogs (Sniffer Dogs)

Highly skilled Drug Dogs are available for searching your workplace
Highly skilled Drug Dogs are available for searching your workplace
We use independantly validated Drug Detection Dogs
We use independantly validated Drug Detection Dogs
Service available 24/7
Service available 24/7
  • Highly skilled Drug Dogs are available for searching your workplace
  • We use independantly validated Drug Detection Dogs
  • Service available 24/7

Drug Dogs, Sniffer Dogs, Detection Dogs... no matter what you call them, our Drug Dogs enable you to meet the obligations of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 by keeping your people safe and maintain a Drug Free workplace.

Training a drug dog is not only an art, it's a science. Our teams are dedicated to achieving only the highest standards and use proven training techniques from around the world. We are assessed and validated by an independent, former detector dog and handler trainer. Combine this with our knowledge of modern science and canine olfaction, you have a recipe for success.


You can maintain a drug free workplace, we work with you to develop a drug detection and deterrent plan to keep your environment safe. ScentTECH is able to partner with you to develop a specific, customized program that will meet your individual needs. Drug detection and deterrence is proven to be effective and reducing the risk of drugs being brought onto, used or dealt from your worksite. Should the need arise, we have strategic partners within the security industry that can offer support and advice on any further action if illicit drugs are found on your site.

We were looking to implement a drug and alcohol policy in our workplace but didn't know where to start, ScentTECH were able to help from advice on policy through to and delivering drug dog searches and drug testing. Once our program was fully implemented we started to see real results and an improvement in performance and culture within our company.


Keep your campus top of the class by implementing a canine drug detection and deterrent program.... your school will benefit from the peace of mind offered to parents with real time measurable results!
The increasing prevalence of illicit drugs in New Zealand is reflected in all sectors of the community and statistics would indicate that educational institutes are not exempt from these trends. Currently, a number of New Zealand schools and higher education facilities are taking proactive measures to ensure they are providing a safe, learning conducive environment for their students and staff. As such, third party contractors like ourselves are experiencing an increasing demand to work in consultation with educational institutes to detect illicit drugs on their premises and provide a strong, visible deterrent to dissuade future use.

Maintaining a drug free school campus is a constant challenge for school administration. The best approach is to address the issue from several angles, drug detection dogs being one of them. Like any form of prevention the deterrent must be visible, consistent and enforced. ScentTECH is able to service schools with regular frequent campus visits searching randomized locations. The service is cost effective, expedient, and most importantly, non-disruptive to the students.

Private Homes

In today’s complex society pervasive influences like the Internet, movies, social media and the ever-present, peer pressure, portray drugs as commonplace, even harmless. As a parent, you can never be entirely certain if your children are being induced to experiment with drugs. No caring parent wants to let experimentation lead to casual drug use, which can allow it to escalate to more dangerous substance abuse and addiction. Our professional team provides a non-confrontational and discrete service which permits early intervention – the key to prevention.

  • Have you ever been worried your children are getting into drugs?.
  • Do you think they might have drugs in your house?
  • Would you like to have the choice to deal with it your way?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you now have a choice. We can help. Using a Drug Dog is a quick way to discover if there are drugs present. We are discreet and non-invasive. If drugs are found, you then have the ability to deal with the situation in your own way, in your own time.

I had suspected my teenage son of smoking Marijuana. He was becoming more and more withdrawn from us, school and sports. He was angry and abusive towards me and it got to a point where i didn't know what to do. When I asked him about drugs he completely denied having anything. I felt powerless to do anything beyond tearing his bedroom to pieces to look for them. Using a drug dog was quick and easy. I was able to confront my son with what I found, talk with him about drugs, and get him the help he needed. He's now back into school and sports