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Drug Testing - Urine

Drug testing service
Drug testing service
We use the services of ESR
We use the services of ESR
Services available 24/7
Services available 24/7
  • Drug testing service
  • We use the services of ESR
  • Services available 24/7

Implementing a drug testing program in place will save you time and money while increasing productivity and maintaining a safe working environment

Workplace Drug Testing significantly reduces the risk of accidents occurring among your staff. Our specialist staff are highly trained in the science and collection of samples for drug screening and testing, all of our staff are NZQA qualified and all tests are collected to the joint standardAS/NZS 4308:2008.

Random Drug Tests
>Pre-employment Drug Tests
>Post Incident / Accident Drug Tests (24/7 Callout Service Available)
>Return to Work or Ongoing Monitoring Drug Tests

Providing a safe working environment is a health & Safety requirement for all New Zealand businesses, Our expert team will work with you to develop and provide drug a testing plan to keep your environment safe. Contact us for more information and to book your obligation free consultation...

ScentTech is New Zealand's only Drug Detection Agency capable of providing the full range of Workplace Drug Services. These enable you to meet the your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.
These services include:
• Canine Drug Detection (utilising independently validated Drug Dogs),
• Next Generation Saliva (Oral Fluid) Testing (preferred method of the Employment Courts, and Unions),
• Urine Testing (the traditional testing method),
• Drug Awareness Education (promoting informed choice), and
• Policy Writing.