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K9 Nyx

Validated Drug Detector Dog.
Garsova Gidget.

Coming from strong Czech working German Shepherd Lines, Nyx is a high drive dog with a strong work ethic and is motivated to please her handler. Nyx started training at the age of ten weeks and commenced began drug detection work at six months. She has attained Intermediate certification in tracking and obedience with Central Search Dogs and has passed her drug dog validation with handler Wayne. Nyx has already proved her abilities and has had numerous finds ranging in size from drug residue on a truck door handle through to a cannabis plantation.

K9 Xena

Drug Detector Dog.
Van russelhof Xena.

Being a Malinois, Xena is a high drive dog bred for working. As such, she has competed in Working Dog trials and obtained CDX, UDX, WDX, and TDX titles.Xena has attained intermediate certification tracking and Air scent with Central Search Dogs

K9 Josie

Drug Detector Dog.
Eiramwood Arina.

Josie is daughter of Xena and is also a high drive dog specifically bred for working. Josie has attained certification in tracking and obedience with Central Search Dogs. Josie will be validated as a drug dog shortly.

K9 Eos

Trainee Detector Dog.
Garsova Piper.

Eos is the prodigy of Prety Miss Jakoso and Frodo od Janice. and represent an old Czech GSD lineage. In the brief time she has been with ScentTECH she has proven to be a fun, lively and engaging pup but serious when required. Eos started training in obedience and tracking at the age of twelve weeks and shows great promise in the Detection Business. Eos will be trained by Wayne,

K9 Ella

Trainee Detector Dog.
Von Praxx Ferrari.

Ella was imported from Australia by Eiramwood Kennels and will be trained by Marie.