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The following is a list of questions most commonly asked by our clients. If you don’t find the answer to your query on this page, Contact Us

Can a dog sniff drugs on people?

If your Drug Policy / contract allows, a dog may sniff people while they are on your premises to determine the presence of drugs or recent use by that person. This is considered a random search and is far more efficient and cost effective than drug testing everyone.

Where can you search or sniff legally?

Anywhere you give us authorized permission to search
- Businesses / Workplaces,
- Apartment buildings,
- Private homes and outbuildings,
- Private Schools,
- Universities,
- Dorm rooms and hostels,
- Storage units,
- Vehicles | Autos | Trucks | Motor homes | Ships,
- Stadiums, Concert halls & Event centres,
- Lockers at any of the above locations,
- Parking lots in any of the above locations, &
- Anywhere we're hired to search (sniff).

What are the dogs able to detect?

Our dogs can detect and number of street and exotic drugs (primarily marijuana & methamphetamine). As new drugs enter the market, our dogs will be trained to detect them; however, it is safe to assume that our dogs will indicate the presence of any substance that we train them with.

Are the dog searches confidential?

All of the searches, finds, and test results are held in strict confidence. Even our company vehicles can be unmarked, in order to provide the highest level of discretion.

What happens if the dogs find drugs?

If our dogs indicate the presence of drugs, we will mark the spot, and find the contraband with you present. We can even test the product for you so you know what was found. We can remove the drug(s) from your premises and transport them to the nearest Police station if you require.

What occurs during a dog search?

Our search dogs are taken from room to room, if they pick up a scent, the dog is trained to passively alert to the spot (our handler will then mark the spot and further testing may be performed).
A positive control is included in all searches. This is a gauze sample containing the target scent which the client hides in a previously cleared room.

What kind of dogs do you use for searches?

ScentTECH uses only dogs bred from working lines. These dogs are trained by us and are independently validated to international detection dog standards. Currently our search dogs include German Shepherds and Malinois.

Is ScentTECH affiliated with law enforcement?

No. Although we do hold licenses (this is only required to be able to carry, store, and train with dangerous substances), we are not, affiliated with law enforcement or other government agencies. These are truly confidential, discreet drug-dog searches that affords the client the opportunity to intervene and get help for those concerned. An exception to this situation only arises when trafficable amounts of drugs are located, in which case the Police must be informed.

What are the benefits of using a ScentTECH detection dog?

There are many reasons for using dogs over other methods, and equally as many for using ScentTECH’s services:
- Effective and efficient,
- A highly confidential service,
- We tailor our programs by your search needs,
- We use only highly trained dogs which have been independently validated to international standards,
- We provide the most sophisticated and effective system available for drug search(es),
- Dog searches provide a b deterrent to discourage drugs,
- Dog searches are the most cost effective system for the location of drugs or determine recent use,
- Nothing needs to be unlocked or opened to detect the presence of the substance,
- There are no installation expenses (hidden cameras, etc...),
- There is no need to pre-screen or hire additional security personnel, &
- Noninvasive, and non-confrontational.

How often should an employer or school conduct dog searches to be effective?

We truly believe that it is best that the details of your searches be understood and discussed individually, since they will vary by size of location, geography, and contraband sought.

One of the greatest benefits of a canine detection process is that it is a deterrent to students and employees, and therefore should be done on a random basis to continue to discourage the drug use.

How reliable are your dogs?

ScentTECH detection dogs are extremely reliable in finding contraband or scent leading to contraband. There is no better method in the drug industry to properly detect the presence of contraband (illegal or prescription) than a detection dog.

Records for ScentTECH dog teams indicate that they consistently perform with a proficiency of greater than 95% when tested in blind exercises.

If we find your area clean, it simply means that it was clean of drugs or residue the day of the search. Our dogs are able to detect a past cross-contamination or residual exposure (drugs that may have been there, but were moved prior to the search).

What is the cost for a ScentTECH Detection Dog visit?

The price for the service depends on your requirements. Typically, a search by one of our drug detection dogs costs the equivalent of performing four drug tests, yet the K9 search screens a greater number of people and of course, the property as well.

Who trains the ScentTECH detection dogs?

Our dogs have been imported or bred, and trained by our own training staff. We are experienced dog trainers that have been training since 1990, and have supplied service dogs to various agencies.

Our dogs are trained using positive reward methods that guarantee their reliable performance. Similar to an athlete, a drug-dog requires continued maintenance, training and conditioning. Once validated, our dogs receive daily training to maintain their skill levels.

Are there other testing methods?

Yes, there are many different methods of getting drug usage results. ScentTECH can perform both:
- Urine sample testing, and
- Oral Fluid (saliva) testing.

Are there specific hiding spots that children, students, or employees use to hide their drugs?

Yes, there are many different locations in your home, work, and schools that users have learned to hide their 'stash'. These may be hidden in plain sight and typically will be change frequently. A rule to remember is that drugs are never too far from the users.

How to choose a detection dog service provider

It is important to select a Canine Service company who is knowledgeable of the industry. In particular the company should be able to demonstrate expertise in the following areas;
- K9 husbandry and behaviour,
- K9 olfaction (scenting),
- Detector dog training and utilisation,
- The chemistry of substances and illicit compounds, &
- National trends in the use of illicit drugs and their supply.

Masking and wrapping.

Detection dogs are able to discern individual scents even when the scents are combined or masked by other odours. For example drugs hidden in coffee are no problem for the well trained detection dog.

Detection dogs also have the ability to detect drug odours when they are tightly sealed in containers or deeply hidden.

Did you know plumbers hemp is now made from flax and a well trained detection dog will not alert on this product!

Canine sniffer dogs are a sound solution, as well as an effective deterrent for schools, companies and residences alike.
Call (+64 021 808 962) for a drug dog SEARCH; it is confidential, it is discreet, and it is very effective.