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A word from our clients

Thank you so much Wayne for your informative presentation. The feedback from our members the has been excellent with attendees saying how useful it was to know the practicalities of drug testing. They get a lot of information from the legal aspect but they appreciated your explanation of the various testing methods. March 2015

For several years, ScentTECH has volunteered it services to ensure our Drug Free Status is maintained. The use of dogs provides a very visible and effective deterrent to our course participants. I have been most impressed with the professionalism and the manner in which these searches have been performed and with the delivery of the drug awareness presentations given by Wayne. I would recommend ScentTECH to any organization that chooses to address the sensitive issue of drugs.
LSV Course Coordinator , May 2014

I was thrilled to find out about the services offered by Wayne and his drug detecting dogs.
Our campus has zero tolerance towards drugs and we contracted ScentTECH Ltd. to implement a drug detection and deterrent programme on our campus in 2012. Our students now know that we are serious about preventing drugs entering the campus. Dean of the Trade School, September, 2012.